Agility why it’s important? Mo’s ‘The 2 Cone Shuffle drill’


My profession as a strength and conditioning coach is to improve fitness, and physical performance of an athlete or fighter. Whether it be power, speed, strength, agility, balance, and endurance, these are all areas I cover. My favourite conditioning skills are training speed and strength  through certain exercises such as sprints at high intensity and  changing direction with explosive power! Being agile is a major fundamental skill of any sport as it helps athletes react. In a fighting environment agility can can help set up an attack and defend from a threat. Here is my favourite workout for agility! 

2 cone shuffle: Set up two cones, 5 yards apart and shuffle as quickly as possible back and forth.When conducting the shuffle motion arms and legs should be alternating as quick as possible. These can be done in repetitions or measured in time, but the key to it is being short and quick! Great conditioning tool for any athlete!




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