Why is clinching so important in Thaiboxing?

15994356_10154421709290547_283840277501538393_oPersonally, I believe the clinch is an aspect of the game that I resort to if I feel I’m struggling to dominate an opponent in striking range. In the clinch you are able to lock someone up, land powerful knees and elbows, perform discouraging sweeps and wear the opponent down physically and mentally. On the other hand, your opponent may also resort to the clinch to defeat you if you are keeping on top of them in the striking range; therefore it’s essential that you are proficient in this discipline to defend against strong clinchers or as a means of winning your Muaythai fights. It’s unique to aspect of Muaythai and is one that separates it from other striking disciplines like K1 style of kickboxing. It is important to understand scoring in the clinch and is essential part to Muaythai, this is why I believe it is so important.

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