5 Reasons to train Muaythai

Muaythai is a sport that has changed my life for the better! I am married to martial arts and recommend everyone to try any form of martial art whether it’s Muaythai, BJJ or Boxing! Muaythai provides some of the best workouts for the body.

Here are my five reasons to train Muaythai:

1.Keeps you healthy and fit: It is a great workout for the whole body!
2.Teaches you self defence: It is the most relevant striking style for MMA and can get you out of situations where you need to defend yourself
3.Keeps you disciplined: training humbles you and makes you more disciplined and helps you in other goals in life.
4.Makes you a more calmer person: everyone that trains in Muaythai has a calm manner to them, it requires a lot of focus and concentration to learn skills and makes people calmer when under stress with other part of their life.
5.Most importantly it is FUN! If you want to train to be a champion or just for fitness it makes no difference it is still fun!

As they say it is the science of 8 limbs it is both beautiful and can be devastating when applied properly

Laos Toohey


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