3 Common Training Mistakes

13701211_10153728871200095_483015513408490299_oNobody is perfect but it does help to help have less mistakes to make training more efficient and effective. Here are three common training mistakes and how to overcome them!

3 Common Training Mistakes
1.“Too Sick Too Quick”

This was actually an expression a snowboard instructor used while I was about to tackle my first jumps at the park a few years ago. He said, “keep it basic, flow, breathe and don’t go too sick, too quick” What he meant was don’t do anything crazy on your first few jumps. The same applies on the gym floor so I have adopted his expression. Until you can squat, lunge, bend, push and pull with good technique, you have no business doing anything else; like power cleans, unilateral movements or plyometrics. Squat,deadlift, lunge, push up and pull ups are primal patterns, these form the basis of all movement. Training with these will develop a strong, explosive, agile, and injury-proof body as well as improve your performance in your combat sport.

2. Lack of Consistency

Results don’t just happen, you need to make them happen. Showing up and putting in the work each week is essential. Unfortunately you are not a unicorn and achieving beast like fitness or reaching your weight loss goal needs you to show up and put in the effort. Make sure you are pushing yourself each session, lifting well and lifting heavy, eating well, covering all the macros, sleeping 7-8 hours per night and hydrating well. All these elements need to be in place for progression.

That said for amateur athletes or weekend warriors, You don’t need to train “every damn day” as Instagram memes would lead us to believe. Setting up a strength and conditioning training plan relative to YOUR goals and other combat commitments is key. If you make it too hectic, you will burn out and only stick to the plan for 3 weeks. A plan you can stick to all year is going to get better results than one you can only maintain for a month.

3. Neglecting Mobility and Flexibility

Desk Jobs, Driving, sitting on the couch and staring down at your mobile while reading, as well as sporting endeavours can create tight, shortened and sore muscles. This will limit proper movement that will inhibit your ability to punch, kick and roll.

Incorporating 10-15 mins of mobility, stretching or yoga movements before combat training is going to improve your performance, recovery and prevent injury. If gives you a few minutes to shake of the stresses of the day and get yourself mentally and physically ready to step onto the matts. Using a foam roller, focus on areas that feel sore or tight, spend around 40 seconds on each sore spot before moving on.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out of our coaches if you need help with any of this.

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