Kids BJJ Results!

8 Kids from Absolute MMA competed this weekend!
Gretchen (6yrs old), Fletcher (7), Eddie (6), Maxxy (8), Jonah and Jayda (7), Nacinta (9), and Logan (9)

All the kids performed amazingly! Some of them were even in the same division duking out a friendly but competitive match!

The Dominance kids competition was an amazingly run competition and 3 of our students manage to take home some medals!

Nacinta takes the gold for her division! Her progress and her dedication has been amazing! I’m looking forward to seeing more of her potential!

Logan placed 2nd with a silver medal after only having less than 10 classes! He really impressed everyone with his athletic style and strong will!

Maxxy got the gold medal he’s been hunting! He’s been training awhile now with me. He has a very exciting style and we look forward to seeing him compete again.


Who is Absolute MMA

Since 2011, Absolute MMA has been Melbourne's premiere mixed martial arts training facility.

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