Getting the most out of your first month training boxing

Getting the most out of your first month training boxing
3 tips from coach Pradeep Singh when starting your boxing journey

Learn the rules and fouls in boxing.
Can you hold? What is the definition of ‘back of the head’? Can you push someone in a fight? There are a lot of assumptions about what boxing is and how it is scored. For your own development, and the safety of your training partners, you should take a minute to look up the rules. (I prefer YouTube videos)

This will also make viewing boxing fights more interesting, as you’ll know who’s winning and how the referee is adjudicating before half of the room does.

Happy Feet
Footwork is arguably the most important element of boxing. All beginners often think it is punching, but how can you build a house without a foundation? Concentrating on your footwork early will prevent poor habits from forming. You will find your balance improve, and as a result, your punching power will increase. And who doesn’t want more power, right!?

Learn how to punch
This seems very obvious, but quite often beginners try to learn a 20 punch combo, an exotic punch, or something else they found off YouTube – before establishing their jab and cross. Introduction and fundamental classes are essential for learning to punch correctly, which could save your hands from injury and better your defense.

Boxing correctly is not only for boxers with aspirations for fighting. It can be more challenging to punch with good form, and therefore increase the workout.

So whether you’re boxing to get fit, release the pent up energy from your day, or looking to become the next Muhammad Ali – learn the proper form and technique to see your results excel.


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