Parent’s Guide to BJJ

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling-centric martial art. It is based on the principles of controlling one’s opponent through techniques and leverage. BJJ was designed to allow a smaller/weaker person to defeat a stronger opponent with ease.

While BJJ has been popularized as a key component in the modern sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), it’s roots are still grounded as a self defense system, and is often described as a ‘gentle martial art’ or ‘physical chess’.benefitsbjj

Your child will be taught that violence is not the answer to a problem (or threat). However, you can feel confident that your child has some skills to defend themselves if an unavoidable situation occurs. BJJ is a grappling art that works to defend and neutralize opponents control.

Confidence is developed through gaining a self assurance in one’s own abilities. Aided by the knowledge of BJJ, your child will have confidence in themselves that goes beyond physical challenges.

Problem Solving and maintaining focus whilst under pressure
As previously described, BJJ can be described as a physical chess match – requiring the application of techniques under duress. We practice and drill techniques in controlled situations so that they can be implemented with precision when needed. Making decisions under pressure is a skill that will translate to day-to-day situations.

Fitness and Coordination
BJJ can be a very active sport requiring – and therefore developing through practice – coordination, strength, and fitness. BJJ utilizes a lot of push and pull movements, both from standing positions and on the ground. Kids will also be taught how to keep their balance, and when necessary, also how to fall. These, among others, are transferable skills that can carry over to other sports and activities.

Respect and Discipline
BJJ sessions start and finish with a bow towards the coach. It is a humbling sport that shows that you do not have to be the biggest and toughest to win. Your child will have to respect their training partners/opponents, and their abilities. We build this my acknowledging each other at the start of every round with a hand slap and fist bump.

Fun and Friends
You child will meet new people, establishing new friendships, and enjoy learning in a structured yet fun and safe environment.

When coming in for a trial, a tee-shirt and shorts/pants will be all that your children will need to have a go. Techniques can be modified during a trial, so students can try the art before the parents commit to buying the uniform.
The Gi is the uniform of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu students
A belt is not only for keeping the gi in place, it is also shows the students rank/progression in BJJ. (belt progression structure below)
For best results, training two or more times a week will result in growth and development of skills and associated benefits.

Kids BJJ is ranked by the following levels in accordance with the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) – White > Gray > Yellow > Orange > Green.

Coaches hold gradings of the students, rewarding dedication and improvements with stripes to represent progression, and ultimately promotions for belt color.


BJJ is also a competitive sport. Students can choose to compete at small interclub competitions, larger organised competitions, and go as far as taking on the world! Competition matches are matched by belt (skill) ranking, and by weight for balance and fairness. Openweight competition removes the weight classes, truly testing skills against all sizes and shapes in a given rank.

If your child wishes to compete in BJJ competitions, the coaches will assist in teaching the particular rules for competition, giving some attention to tactics and game planning.

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