If the word “Reliable” was ever to manifest itself in the form of a person, it would be Moses “MoShow” Bentley, commonly known to Melbourne CBD gym-goers as Mo. With over 15 years experience in competitive sport, Mo has helped many of our members to reach their goals as well as our competitors to peak for contests. A generous man who’s rarely without a smile, Mo also knows how to make incredible chocolate chip protein pancakes, which are “guilt-free” in our books because they are protein pancakes (shhh).Now you know that fun fact, I’m sure you want more…read on for more about Mo!

Favourite workout/walkout song?

“2Pac – Ambitionz Az A Ridah”

Mantra/Quote to live by?

“If you don’t find the time, if you don’t do the work, you don’t get the results”

What is your favourite travel destination? Why?

“Hawaii, for the culture, beaches and surf.”

Have you done other sports besides martial art and which teams/athletes are your favourite?

I have done rugby, rugby league and tennis. My favourite team is the All Blacks, athlete wise it would be Rafael Nadal. Teams and athletes that do or die, and fight and play to the end are what I consider good sports.”

“Mo has great patience and will work with anyone at any level to make them feel comfortable and confident in the gym. People trust him with their kids training. What more do you need?” – Paul Bai 

“The best way to explain mo is probably by quoting one of my clients.. “mo is nicer than you”. And I’m a pretty nice bloke, so there you have it. He is a good coach, knows his shit and will always put in the extra time with his clients.” – Daniel Howard

“I’ve known Mo since before he was at Absolute. We actually started MMA together with Leigh Allwood as coach many moons ago. Mo not only has the arguably best training playlists, but is also one of the most genuine guys in the gym.” – David Lescai


Who is Absolute MMA

Since 2011, Absolute MMA has been Melbourne's premiere mixed martial arts training facility.

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