13 Month Resolution Challenge

Let’s cheat for our resolutions – but not how you were thinking!

As previously discussed, resolutions are best planned with ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘when’ in mind.

In this version of resolutions, we’re going to have an early start. We’re going to start the habits in December to get a head start on 2018!

There is a lot of things that will try to get between you and your goals. Christmas parties, work functions, family commitments and holidays will all try to derail you.

We are starting in December, despite all of its barriers and hurdles. If we succeed – then we are an extra month towards our longer term goals. If we fail – then at least we tried, and hopefully we only took one step backwards instead of three if we hadn’t.

Let’s not make excuses, let’s make plans to succeed.

We’ve previously talked about sharing your goals to increase accountability, and rewards for attaining short term goals. So here’s how we’re going to do both!

  1. Follow @absolutemmamelb , @absolutemmacollingwood & @absolutemmastkilda on Instagram.
  2. Set your goal / resolution, and post about it on facebook or instagram (hell, why not both?!).
  3. Update us on your progress.
  4. Make a post on 31 December or 1 January about where you landed and what you will do for 2018.

Three winners will be rewarded with a free month of membership in January, to aid their 2018 goal attainment. Be sure to include the hashtags #13monthresolution & #iamabsolutemma in all of your posts. (Offer open to new and existing members)

All the best and we look forward to helping you smash your goals!

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