Results are in from the 2017 IBJJF Nogi World Championship that was held this weekend!

Congratulations to the whole Absolute MMA team that competed and put their jiu jitsu on the line. We had several athletes from all 3 gyms make the trip and experience competing at the highest level of BJJ.

Highlights were coaches Livia Gluchowska and Lachlan Giles putting on an amazing performance with Liv finishing with a silver and Lachlan a bronze medal for their efforts. This is at adult black belt division – the highest level in the sport of jiu jitsu. Cooper Burnham and Chisaki Akiyama also medalled – congratulations to you guys!

To all the athletes from Absolute MMA and the rest of the Aussies that made the trip and left their heart on the mat we salute you.
Thank you to everyone that contributes to the training of this wonderful martial art on our mats – these medals could not be achieved without your support.

Photo credit: Cooper Burnham and Livia Gluchowska

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