We have many amazing people with interesting stories that walk into all our gyms! The member spotlight turns to Youngho Kim aka Rhylie "MAD KOREAN" Kim, much beloved and long term member of Absolute MMA.

Occupation: Metal Fabricator

Martial Arts/Sports: Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling. 

How did you get into the sport?

"When I was a little boy, someone bullied my cause I was small and looked weak, I was a typical victim in school so I needed protect myself."

What are your immediate training goals?

"Show and prove my grappling and overcome my weakness."

What are your goals for the next five years?

"To be BJJ brown belt ? Or Freestyle judoka?"

Why do you love training at Absolute MMA?

"Because there are many lovely people at AMMA."

What is your favourite move?

"Walking on tread mill with good songs"

Can you tell us about where you're from and any interesting stories growing up? If you're not originally from Melbourne, how'd you end up living in Melbourne, Australia?

"1. From South Korea 2. After learnt Judo I smashed school bully (revenge) 3. Military service 2 years as a Marine (Republic of Korea Marine corps) 4. The story which living in Judo university ? Which one do you want ? Hahaha.

When I was 28 years old I just came in Australia as a working holiday visa holder. I was a real -old- boring Korean who always talking about Money but one day when I was in office I really wanted escape this life in Korea! Working -Home -working-home it was my daily routine. So I just got that visa and came in Australia."

Who are the kind of people that you look up to and why?

"Peter v vella or David rescai ? Because they don't have enemy I meant everyone loves them so I want be like them."

What's your favourite place to eat in Melbourne and your #1 dish recommendation?

"Hungry Jack's!"

If you could go back in time to your first martial art class, what would be the advice you give to your past self?

"Don't do judo mate! Study hard! Don't sleep in class!! Kidding...don't do seoi na ge on the street! Because that boy who bullied you broken his shoulder! Don't use it when fight boy! Patience!"

"Rhylie is the (un)official mascot of Absolute MMA. I believe the best way to describe Rhylie would be by his own famous quote - 'I am from South Korea - not North Korea. Remember me!'." - Richard Lattemagi

"Rhylie has been a much loved character within the gym for years. I first got to know him when he volunteered as a judo coach back in 2013. He was extremely generous with his time and remember that he really put his all into those classes, despite the fact that he spoke very little English at the time. Since then he has brought countless friends through the gym and is a huge ambassador for us in the Korean community. He is a staple at all gym social events and is a truly entertaining wildcard in the Absolute Fight Team. The special place he holds within the gym was felt when he was forced to leave Australia unexpectedly due to issues with his visa. Many tears were shed thinking that we were losing him, although all of those tears were actually Rhylie's. Thankfully, with some well placed bribes, his visa situation has been resolved and we are proud to have him back as comic relief within the gym." - Daniel Herbertson, see above photograph from the time of Rhylie leaving Australia. 

Photo Credit: Richard Lattemagi & Darren Gn 

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