Big wins in Muay Thai and Boxing for Absolute!

It was a busy weekend for the Absolute Fight Team and our fighters brought home some great results!

First up we had Erhan ‘The Victorious’ Gungor​ and Albert ‘Timorese Assassin’ Xavier​ fighting Muay Thai at Powerplay 30​. Massive fights for both guys against very tough, experienced opponents but Erhan and Albert put on the performances we know they are capable of, winning unanimous decisions in both fights!

Unfortunately Jaskirat Singh’s opponent pulled out due to a fever but Antonia Konstantopoulou did the boxing team proud, dropping her opponent twice in the opening round en route to a second round TKO!

We were also proud to host the first MA1​ Challenge in the CBD with some of Australia’s best grapplers fighting for $1000. An awesome day and great to see so many people get behind a new competition! Some great photos of the action over at Shebeast BJJ​.



Another Busy Weekend of Action!

A busy weekend of action ahead!

Saturday night we have Erhan ‘The Victorious’ Gungor and Albert ‘Timorese Assassin’ Xavier fighting Muay Thai at Powerplay 30. Both of the guys have been training like animals for this fight and we can’t wait to see them back in action!

Sunday afternoon Absolute MMA Melbourne CBD will host the first MA1 Challenge! This is a new format for Australia, with 8 competitors paying $100 to enter with the winner taking home $1000! EBI rules so it’s sure to be action packed.

Sunday afternoon we also have Jaskirat Singh and Antonia Konstantopoulou return to the amateur boxing ring! Again, we are looking forward to seeing the results of all of their hard work.

For more info about these events and more, check out the event calendar.

Steve Phillips Awarded BJJ Black Belt!

Congratulations to everyone who made the next step in their BJJ journey at the mid-year gradings over the past couple weekends!

A special mention goes out to Steve Phillips who was awarded his BJJ black belt in recognition of his exceptional understanding and application of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and thousands and thousands of hours of hard work on the mats.

One of the nicest guys you’re ever likely to meet, Steve has been a real asset to the team since joining us in 2014. Although he takes his own training very seriously, Steve is always happy to share his knowledge of the art, often putting other’s training needs ahead of his own. His dedication, humble nature and good humour are real inspiration.

Congratulations Steve and thank you for being an amazing part of the team.

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3 New World Champions for Absolute!

Incredible results from the 2016 World BJJ Championships with Livia Gluchowska (brown belt), Shantelle Thompson (purple) and Demi Butler (purple) all capturing World Championship titles and Cooper Burnham (blue) winning silver! Congratulations on achieving everything you trained so hard for!

The girls’ amazing efforts were also enough to win us fourth place in the Women’s Team Championship, placing us ahead of some of the biggest names in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

Congratulations also to the whole team of killers that went over to LA to chase their dreams! You may not have come home with titles but I’m sure that the lessons and experiences you had were worth it!

Thank you to everyone who helped the competitors prepare for the World Championships, although it’s an individual sport, these results don’t happen without a team!


Expanded Fight Team Program!

Starting Monday, May 30 we will expanding our evening CBD Fight Team program with additional boxing and Muay Thai classes specifically for fighters with the great Pradeep Singh and Laos Toohey!

These classes will be held on Mat 2 so as there is restricted space, we will need to restrict the attendance to those who are fighting in amateur (or pro) bouts.

If you are not currently fighting but you are interested in attending these sessions, please have a chat to to Pradeep, Toohey or Erhan before joining in.

We have also greatly expanded our support for professional fighters recently with new Fight Team sessions running mornings and afternoons Monday to Friday, spearheaded by the esteemed Gustavo Falciroli. There are some very high level fighters in these sessions and they need to train at a high level so we have restricted them to very advanced amateurs and professional fighters only.

You can check out the full timetable here:

Welcome Tao Jaiphet

13214725_10153649716331608_186326835_oHuge news for our striking program as we welcome Tao Jaiphet to the coaching staff at Absolute MMA!
Tao is a true pioneer of the Melbourne Muay Thai scene with over 16 years’ experience as a fight trainer, producing over 150 fighters to date and 14 champions.

Tao spent much the late 90s training and fighting in Thailand and Australia, amassing a record of 12 wins from 19 bouts, as well as training and fighting in Macau and Hong Kong also where he used his background in Muay Thai to compete in Sanda, putting together an undefeated record of 11 wins from 11 fights.

Tao is a fully qualified Fight Trainer with the Boxing & Combat Sports Board of Victoria. He is the Former World Muay Thai Council President for Victoria, and is a fully qualified and registered Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA judge and referee in Victoria.

Tao’s champions include:

  • Claire ‘Fury’ Foreman – WMC Vic Champion, WMC Australian Champion
  • Amy Gross – WMC South Pacific Champion
  • Caroline Aebersold – WMC Intercontinental Champion
  • Jared Grigor – WBC Vic Champion. English Champion, Southern English Champion
  • Dan Sheridan – WKA Champion
  • Michael Demitriou – WMC Vic Champion
  • Ben Smullen – WKA Vic Champion
  • Ryan Barry – WBC Vic Champion, WMC Vic Champion

Tao may be able to add to that list of champions as he has John McKenna fighting for a WMC Vic Title this Friday at Road to Rebellion!

Welcome Tao!

Erivaldo Junior Seminar

This Saturday we are pleased to have 4th degree black belt Erivaldo Junior teaching a special Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminar at Absolute MMA Melbourne CBD!

Erivaldo Junior is one the finest elite-level coaches in jiu-jitsu today, having coached the likes of Claudio Calasans and Leandro Issa to world championships.

The seminar will be held at Absolute MMA Melbourne CBD from 2.00PM on 07/05/2016 and will be just $50 for members or $60 for non-members.

Registration and payment can be taken at any Absolute MMA location.