Young Nghiem – Clubperson of the Year

Our 2016 Clubperson of the Year is Young Nghiem!

Although we provide the instruction and facilities and do our best to cultivate a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, it’s really people like Young who give the soul to Absolute MMA.

We are really so thankful for the endless amount of positivity and fun Young puts into the gym. Every day at training she is just a bundle of enthusiasm, good energy and humour.

Young is also at every gym event, often with cookies, brownies and cakes in hand for the rest of the team. She is the unofficial head cheerleader for the team at every level, every discipline and for the few fights she isn’t able to attend in person, she will live stream them. She is responsible for making countless people feel welcome and “at home” in the gym and that is really priceless.

In recognition of everything she does for the gym, Young is our 2016 Clubperson of the Year. As part of her award, it is our pleasure to send her to Thailand in 2017 for our first official international training camp!

Thank you Young!

Claire Foreman – Absolute MMA Fighter of the Year

What a weekend! So much to cover and what better place to start than with Claire “Fury” Foreman’s win at Powerplay on Friday night!

Against a very strong opponent, Claire was dominant en route to her fourth straight win for the year and TENTH consecutive win!

Claire had already done more than enough to earn the title of Absolute MMA Fighter of the Year for 2016 and this was the icing on the cake!

In recognition her massive year, Absolute will also be sending her to Thailand in 2017 for a training camp to push her game to the next level!

Congratulations Claire! A pleasure to have you as part of the team!


Coach Craig Jones Awarded Black Belt!

The massive end of year BJJ grading took place this past Saturday and among the many people that received well-earned level ups, Absolute coach Craig Jones deserves special recognition for earning his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt!

There is no doubt that Craig has to be considered as one of the best new BJJ prospects not just in Australia, but in the World. In the 18 months that Craig has been with us, he has improved at a rate that is truly hard to comprehend.

In 2015 Craig won the IBJJF purple belt World Championship and in 2017 and beyond we look forward to him continuing this success at the highest levels.

Congratulations Craig!

15540976_1553621827998766_6006685716352208579_oAlso congratulations to coach Lachlan Giles for awarding his first BJJ Black Belt! They say a student is a reflection of his teacher and if that is the case, surely you are doing something right.

Congratulations Doctor Lachlan Giles!

There has been a lot going on within the gym in the last few days but it would be remiss of us not to acknowledge a huge achievement by coach Lachlan Giles. Not content with being one of the country’s best BJJ black belts and coaching the beasts at Absolute MMA South Yarra earned his PhD in Physiotherapy Research!

Congratulations Doctor Lachlan!


Carissa Wilson – Muay Thai Student of the Year!

Carissa Wilson is our Student of the Year for Muay Thai!

Initially starting her training at Absolute with wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Carissa felt the urge to try her hand at striking and we are glad that she did! Carissa excelled at Muay Thai and has shown that she knows how to use her range perfectly in her two bouts so far.

Carissa was given an opportunity to shine this year and test herself on Rebellion ROOTS Muay Thai promotion and her performance didn’t fail to inspire. She took on a formidable opponent with 3 fights more experience and dominated from the opening bell. With well timed long kicks and a superior clinching game Carissa brought home a strong win with a 30-27 score card.

For her efforts in 2016 and her undefeated fight career, Carissa is Absolute MMA’s Student of the Year for Muay Thai. Look out for this girl in 2017!


End of Year Grading

This past Saturday we celebrated a great year of Jiu-Jitsu with our huge end of year grading! In addition to the previously mentioned Black Belt earned by Craig Jones, many of our teammates also took the next step in their BJJ journeys when they were awarded their next belt!

Surviving the gruelling physical test with technique honed through countless hours on the mats were Kim Cousins, Mikael Yahaya, Alex Russell and Lachlan Warne as they all earned their brown belts!

Richard Lättemägi, Jarrod Beardwood, Nick Hayden and Mark Kennedy are among some of the most dedicated individuals in the club and their purple belts were all well deserved!

Ridz Wan, Darren Gn, Liam Kurzemnieks, Joel Dalessandro, Chris Totton and Paul Totton earned their blue belts – the first major milestone in their jiu-jitsu careers and certainly one that is worthy of celebration!

Thank you to everyone who put the graders through their tests and gave them support! Thanks to everyone for an awesome year on and off the mats!


Holiday Timetable for CBD, Collingwood and South Yarra!

A special holiday schedule is in effect from Saturday, December 24 through until Monday, January 2nd.

Kids classes will finish up on Tuesday, December 20 with adults finishing up on Friday, December 23. Regular timetables for both children and adults will resume Tuesday, January 3rd.

You can find the schedule for different gyms through the spreadsheet tabs.

LINK: Holiday Timetable for CBD, Collingwood and South Yarra

Amazing Results from the IBJJF No-Gi World Championships!

Absolute MMA girls made history at the 2016 IBJJF World Nogi Championship in San Francisco, USA!

Three girls from Absolute MMA entered the Blue Belt Lightweight division and the results are simply phenomenal!

Pippa Shaw – Gold medal
Nikki Lloyd-Griffiths – Silver medal
Sarah Chapman – Bronze medal

What a day for Australian Jiu Jitsu! We are super proud of you!

The girls weren’t the only stars for the day though as coach Mikael Yahaya took bronze and Cooper Burnham also took bronze!

Congratulations to all the competitors on their outstanding results and thank you to the amazing team of coaches and teammates for supporting them!