On Saturday, June 3 2017 Absolute MMA Collingwood will host Absolute MMA’s first Amateur MMA Competition – ROGUE!

DATE: Saturday, June 3 2017.
LOCATION: Absolute MMA Collingwood, 134 Cromwell St, Collingwood.
WEIGH INS: 7.00PM Friday, June 2 2017.
REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Monday, May 29, 2017.


Important: All competitors must submit a signed waiver, and doctor certified physical fitness forms to info@absolutemma.net.au prior to the registration deadline.

Download the blank waiver.

Download a blank Blood Test/Physical Fitness Form.

Event Rules:

  • The competition will be open to competitors from any affiliation.
  • This competition is restricted strictly to athletes without professional experience in ANY martial art or combat sport.
  • Bouts shall be divided into “Novice” and “Amateur” categories based on athlete experience. Details regarding the difference between the categories are outlined below.
  • Bouts shall be fought in standard MMA weight divisions were possible, otherwise catchweight bouts may be made when both opposing athletes agree.
  • Bouts are to be conducted in an MMA cage.
  • Wraps on each competitor’s hand shall be restricted to soft gauze cloth no more than two inches in width, held in place by surgeon’s tape of one inch in width, not exceeding 3 layers in thickness in each hand. Tape may also be placed on each hand for protection near the wrist. Bandages and tape shall be placed on the competitor’s hands in the dressing room and presented for inspection and approval at the official’s table. Gloves are not to be placed on the hands of a competitor until the approval of an official.
  • The referee and the ringside physician are the only individuals authorised to enter the cage during competition, and the referee is the sole arbiter of a contest and is the only individual authorised to stop a contest.
  • Three judges will score bouts using the 10-Point Must System.
  • Bouts shall be fought under the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts with the addition of the following rules:
    • No elbow and forearm strikes of any kind.
    • No heel hooks.
    • No twisters or any other submission deemed as applying pressure to the spine.
    • No knees to the head at any point.

Novice Bout Rules:

  • Fights are to be 2 x three-minute rounds with a one-minute rest. In the event of a draw, the bout will go to a third round.
  • All competitors must wear a mouth guard, groin guard and shin guards which are to be supplied on the day. Women are to wear a competition top or rashguard.

Amateur Bout Rules:

  • Fights are to be 3 x three-minute rounds with a one-minute rest.
  • All competitors must wear a mouth guard and groin guard. Shin guards are not permitted. Women are to wear a competition top or rashguard.

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