Member Spotlight: James Walters

We have many amazing people with interesting stories that walk into all our gyms! The member spotlight turns to James Walters a BJJ student at Melbourne’s CBD his an insight to the reasons he trains!

Thiago Student CBD
Name: James Walters
Sport: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Occupation: Waste and Recycling Infrastructure Planning for Victoria

How did you get into the sport?
I grew up my whole life playing football, and was heavily into the gym and fitness. I was overseas on a holiday and thought I would try an MMA class. Turned out I accidentally did a BJJ class instead, I got absolutely destroyed by everyone for 2 hours straight, no matter what I did, how much strength or effort I used, everything worked against me. I must have been submitted at least 30 times. I was fascinated and hooked immediately. From that point on I knew straight away that BJJ is something I needed in my life.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Training Jiu Jitsu every day and competing on the world stage, living a healthy lifestyle with a strong mind and body. Inspiring and motivating people to be the best they can be in all aspects of life, open to offering any assistance or guidance to anyone who asks for it whatever it may be. As well as working with the developing world to improve their waste systems.

Why do you love training at Absolute MMA?
The fact that at any point in time you can walk in there and be surrounded by world class coaches and athletes working hard towards their goals, and passing on knowledge to anyone who asks for it. The people I have met at Absolute are like family to me now, and you don’t have to go very far to find someone to get advice about Jiu Jitsu, weight training, conditioning, holistic health, or any other aspect of life – we are diversified and unified. Plus the facilities are incredible, and the quality of BJJ practitioners in the gym on any given day is insane. The lunch classes will make you and break you.

What advice would you give to people to take up your sport?
You’re going to feel uncomfortable, you are going to feel compromised, you are going to sweat a lot, tap a lot, and feel like you are being swallowed alive. You just have to keep showing up, work hard, listen with an open mind, and you will grow every day, and get fitter, stronger, more flexible, mobile and motivated, and all those things you thought were impossible from day one will become second nature. You will also be surrounded by a whole bunch of people who inspire you and believe in you, even when you might not. Oh and care for your cauliflowers early.


Thiago Stefanutti Officially promoted to the level of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt third degree

Officially promoted to the level of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt third degree. I would like to thank my coach and good friend Paulo Streckert who is teaching and believing in me since my first day on the gentle art’s journey, thank you all my team mates in Brasil and Australia without you it wasn’t going to be possible.

Thiago Stefanutti

#iamabsolutemma 15622511_1269276583111306_1482091551504745582_n

More classes and Yoga at Collingwood!

16508218_10158362219400438_6681834671449488635_nHappy to announce that we will be adding more classes to the Collingwood timetable of 13.02.17 We will have more Muaythai Fundamentals classes on:
Tuesday 7.00pm-8.00pm and Thursday 7.00pm-7.45pm! Also if you haven’t heard YOGA is also added to the timetable! Thursday 7.45pm-8.30pm! All classes will be taught by world class trainer Jai Tao​.


Staff retreat

Last weekend we had our annual staff retreat! It is a time to reflect and set goals for the year. The location was set in the beautiful Rye! Decked out with a putting green, spas, BBQ area and movie theatre! It was the setting of something relaxing and gave an awesome opportunity our for staff to relax outside a gym setting. Time was spent watching the Green vs Mundine fight, surfing waves, sharing stories and laughing at each others antics! It was a great weekend and the team at Absolute look forward to a bigger and better 2017!


New Muay Thai Classes in Melbourne CBD

1899607_834642643224541_2970620057779957637_oDue to popular demand we will now be offering lunch time Muay Thai classes in the CBD! From 1.00PM to 2.00PM every Tuesday and Thursday the great Laos Toohey will be running an All Levels Muay Thai class on Mat 1.

This is in place of the Kickboxing FIT class that finished up today. We encourage those who were attending the Kickboxing FIT class to also attend this new Muay Thai class as you’ll still get a great workout and you’ll also benefit from learning from one of the most experienced trainers in Australia. To see the new timetable, check it out on the smartphone app (just search for “Absolute MMA” in the app store) or view the timetable here:

Melbourne CBD Timetable

Legend MMA & The Melbourne International Pro

Great results from the weekend, both in MMA and BJJ we had  Lukaz “The Lycan” fighting a short notice fight on Legend MMA and WINNING in the 1st round via TKO! A promotion run by UFC Veteran James McSweeney up in the Gold Coast the show was Headlined with Stephen Kennedy vs Ben Kelleher. The Melbourne International Pro was held this weekend, and up for grabs were 7 travel packages to the World Jiu Jitsu Championship in Abu Dhabi. Winners of the open weight division for each belt level received the travel packages. Absolute MMA had a fantastic result, winning the overall team points, and 2nd place for the kids divisions. Absolute members Lachlan Giles took the travel package for the black belt light weight open, Ben Hodgkinson took the travel package for the brown belt open, and Demi Butler, who has been training in Perth for the past 6 months, took the women’s purple, brown, black travel package.  Other notable performances for Absolute members in the open division were Kit Dale, who lost a split referee’s decision in the black belt heavy open final, and Shantelle Thompson taking Bronze in the women’s purple, brown, black open. Well done Team Absolute!


Young Nghiem – Clubperson of the Year

Our 2016 Clubperson of the Year is Young Nghiem!

Although we provide the instruction and facilities and do our best to cultivate a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, it’s really people like Young who give the soul to Absolute MMA.

We are really so thankful for the endless amount of positivity and fun Young puts into the gym. Every day at training she is just a bundle of enthusiasm, good energy and humour.

Young is also at every gym event, often with cookies, brownies and cakes in hand for the rest of the team. She is the unofficial head cheerleader for the team at every level, every discipline and for the few fights she isn’t able to attend in person, she will live stream them. She is responsible for making countless people feel welcome and “at home” in the gym and that is really priceless.

In recognition of everything she does for the gym, Young is our 2016 Clubperson of the Year. As part of her award, it is our pleasure to send her to Thailand in 2017 for our first official international training camp!

Thank you Young!

Claire Foreman – Absolute MMA Fighter of the Year

What a weekend! So much to cover and what better place to start than with Claire “Fury” Foreman’s win at Powerplay on Friday night!

Against a very strong opponent, Claire was dominant en route to her fourth straight win for the year and TENTH consecutive win!

Claire had already done more than enough to earn the title of Absolute MMA Fighter of the Year for 2016 and this was the icing on the cake!

In recognition her massive year, Absolute will also be sending her to Thailand in 2017 for a training camp to push her game to the next level!

Congratulations Claire! A pleasure to have you as part of the team!