Muay Thai, “The Art of Eight Limbs”, is one of the most devastating striking arts in the world.

Utilizing punches, elbows, kicks and knees, Muay Thai teaches ring-proven techniques for the competitive arena and self-defence.

The Thai art is a challenging physical workout that will hone your balance, speed and power.

Absolute MMA’s Muay Thai program caters for students of all experience levels, from complete novices to champion professional fighters, and each step along the way you will be guided by some of Australia’s most experienced and respected coaches.


  • Some of Australia’s most experienced, respected and qualified coaches
  • Get guidance you need for amateur or professional bouts or simply for fun and fitness
  • Combat-proven self-defence

  • Develop power, speed and agility
  • Build muscle and lose fat while learning valuable skills
  • Develop confidence


13214725_10153649716331608_186326835_oTao Jaiphet is a pioneer of the Melbourne Muay Thai scene with over 16 years’ experience as a fight trainer, producing over 150 fighters to date and 14 champions.

Tao spent much the late 90s training and fighting in Thailand and Australia, amassing a record of 12 wins from 19 bouts, as well as training and fighting in Macau and Hong Kong also where he used his background in Muay Thai to compete in Sanda, putting together an undefeated record of 11 wins from 11 fights.

Tao is a fully qualified Fight Trainer with the Boxing & Combat Sports Board of Victoria. He is the Former World Muay Thai Council President for Victoria, and is a fully qualified and registered Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA judge and referee in Victoria. Tao also holds a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Qualification and a blue belt in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Tao’s champions include:

  • Claire ‘Fury’ Foreman – WMC Vic Champion, WMC Australian Champion
  • Amy Gross – WMC South Pacific Champion
  • Caroline Aebersold – WMC Intercontinental Champion
  • Jared Grigor – WBC Vic Champion. English Champion, Southern English Champion
  • Dan Sheridan – WKA Champion
  • Michael Demitriou – WMC Vic Champion
  • Ben Smullen – WKA Vic Champion
  • Ryan Barry – WBC Vic Champion, WMC Vic Champion
  • Other notable fighters include John ‘Biscuits’ McKenna, Kate Bruzzaniti, Denis Kelly, Phillip Lai, Richie Hardcore, Tali Sibermann, Suriya Darryl Lawlor, Ross Newland.

13173785_1745956029007841_9071572930223646616_nLaos “The Asian Bull” Toohey is one of the most highly respected striking coaches in Australia today, coaching over 35 champions in a variety of disciplines at every level including an I.S.K.A. Super Middleweight World Champion. Toohey was named Star Kickboxing Trainer of the Year 1998 and Kickboxing Trainer of the Century in 2000.

As a fighter, competing in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, karate and TKD, he is renowned for his perfect, undefeated record of 32 wins and 0 losses (15KO)  and the number and variety titles that he captured.

His accomplishments as an athlete include:

  • 3 x National Karate Champion under 60kg
  • 5 x National Taekwondo Champion
  • Silver Medalist Olympic Game Selection South Korea 1988
  • Silver Medalist World Championship Selection 1989
  • 7 x Victorian Taekwondo Champion
  • National Taekwondo Team Representative (1986-1987, 1989-1990)
  • 2 x Victorian V.A.B.A Boxing Champion
  • Victorian Best Boxer Champion of Champions 1994
  • 3 x National Kickboxing Champion
  • W.K.A. Super Bantam weight Muay Thai Champion
  • 6 x Interclub Taekwondo Champion
  • W.K.A Bantam Weight Champion
  • I.S.K.A Feather Weight Champion
  • South Pacific Muay Thai Champion
  • Commonwealth Kickboxing Champion
  • Most Consistent Kickboxer 1993
  • Most Outstanding Kickboxer 1994

liam-actionLiam McNeill is the former #3 ranked 55kg Muay Thai fighter in Australia with an outstanding professional record of 14 wins and 5 losses.

He has fought 11 bouts in Thailand, including two at the famed Lumpinee Stadium (both won by KO) and one at the Queen’s Birthday (also winning via KO), one of the most important Muay Thai events of the year.



A typical class will start with 10 to 15 minutes of warm ups involving skipping, plyometrics and conditioning followed by a few rounds of shadow boxing.

Following the warm-up, your coach will develop your skills with any number of training exercises including pad work, bag work, technical drills with partners and more. The content of the class will vary from week to week, keeping the class fresh and focusing on all aspects of Muay Thai.

In Advanced classes, you will often have the opportunity to apply what you have learned with sparring. The objective with sparring is to test your skills, to attempt to apply what you have learned in the class and to have some fun – it is not to hurt each other. All sparring sessions are closely monitored and we promote a safe and positive learning environment.