Absolute MMA Collingwood is one of the top destinations in Australia for professional fighters and fitness enthusiasts looking to take their training to the next level. Located only minutes from the centre of Melbourne, this is one of the only gyms in Australia with full-sized elevated UFC-style cage, full-sized elevated boxing ring and state of the art gym and martial arts training facilities.

We also have a body scanning machine, saunas, hyperbaric O2 chamber and hot/ice bath facilities for all of your training and recovery needs.

View the Absolute MMA Collingwood timetable.

World class facilities and world class instruction in all disciplines. Very welcoming staff and an extensive timetable to cater for all skill levels. Highly recommended.
{H E L P M E}
{H E L P M E}
09:31 13 Dec 17
Where heavy hitters come to train 😎🥊
06:22 20 Feb 18
Jack Zilles
Jack Zilles
01:42 20 Aug 17
Ray Dinh
Ray Dinh
14:55 12 Aug 17
Connor Evans
Connor Evans
02:06 30 Jul 17
Great place to train with a fantastic team of people. Classes catering for those just starting out to those who are advanced. I really appreciate the time the coaches put in to develop us and in getting to know us better. The staff are friendly and helpful too.
Cassandra Dejrangsi
Cassandra Dejrangsi
08:06 02 Mar 18
Awesome gym with a great setup including mma cage, boxing ring, huge striking area with numerous bags, and dedicated BJJ area. Also has wide range of weights/equipment. Coaches are experienced & successful in their own right & the members are friendly. People of all levels from beginners to pro. I recommend.
Wayne Cornell
Wayne Cornell
08:25 02 Mar 18
Great facility with everything you need to train seriously in mma, muay thai and bjj as well as dedicated Olympic lifting and functional fitness areas alongside regular gym equipment. Full size mma cage, boxing ring and hundreds of square meters of mat space all overseen by a team of world class coaches and instructors. Warm atmosphere welcoming beginners to professional fighters as well as those just looking to get/keep fit.
Joe Boobyer
Joe Boobyer
08:17 02 Mar 18
Awesome gym with great coaches and a friendly team! Perfect for any level!
Wade Kelly
Wade Kelly
08:08 02 Mar 18

Our Collingwood gym includes:

  • Full-size UFC-style cage.
  • Full-size Boxing ring.
  • Dedicated striking area with bags and pads.
  • Dedicated grappling level.
  • Free weights including rubber-coated dumbbells, rubber-coated Olympic bumper weight plates and array of Olympic bars.
  • Heavy-duty power racks, benches and cable stations.
  • High-quality rubber compound flooring for safe and comfortable exercise and weight lifting.
  • Heavy bags, focus mitts, wrestling bags, crash mats and pads.
  • Kettlebells, tyres, sledgehammers, medicine balls, bands, sled and battleropes.
  • Treadmill, rowing machine, exercise bikes, Swiss balls, plyo boxes and jump ropes.
  • Clean showers, changing rooms and toilets.
  • First aid supplies and qualified first aid personnel.
  • Personal training and group training classes.
  • Retail store selling clothing, equipment, drinks and supplements.

Absolute MMA Collingwood

Address: 134 Cromwell Street, Collingwood, Victoria, 3066

E-mail: info@absolutemma.net.au

Telephone: (03)9663-9122

Hours of Operation: Mon to Thu: 12.00PM to 9.00PM
Friday: 12.00PM to 8.00PM
Saturday: 9.00AM to 12.00PM
Sunday: Closed Public Holidays: Closed