Welcome Joe Boobyer

14141710_10155202470647468_101241149165583432_nNew classes, new coach! Welcome to the team Joe Boobyer!

Joe will be taking NEW MORNING MUAY THAI classes in Absolute MMA St Kilda from 6.30AM to 7.30AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays and will also be taking the 9.00AM and 10.00AM Muay Thai classes in Collingwood on Saturday.

Joe has spent the past 12 years training in Muay Thai, K-1, Boxing and MMA, with professional experience in all four disciplines with a record of 37 wins from 54 fights. He has won the World Muaythai Federation Pro Heavyweight World Title, challenged for the World Muaythai Council Cruiserweight World Title once and World Kickboxing Network International Superheavyweight title twice, and has won two 4 man K-1 middleweight tournaments in China.

He spent over 5 years living in gyms and training throughout Thailand where he won multiple time stadium titles. Has been ranked at 20 worldwide by the World Boxing Council at super-cruiserweight.

Welcome Joe!

Parent’s Guide to BJJ

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a grappling-centric martial art. It is based on the principles of controlling one’s opponent through techniques and leverage. BJJ was designed to allow a smaller/weaker person to defeat a stronger opponent with ease.

While BJJ has been popularized as a key component in the modern sport of mixed martial arts (MMA), it’s roots are still grounded as a self defense system, and is often described as a ‘gentle martial art’ or ‘physical chess’. Read More

New Self Defence Classes Starting Friday, June 21

15078955_1210740585652479_2130327788694445784_nIntroducing our newest class to the Melbourne CBD timetable – Self Defence. These classes will begin Friday, 21st of July, 2017 and will run at 6pm every Friday going forward.

Using Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as a base, this class will help you attain crucial self defence skills in a friendly and safe environment. Our techniques have been designed by two of our resident black belts, Thiago and Steve, to help you gain confidence in yourself and control any potential situation.

This class is free for all members with Full Memberships. If you are not yet a member, head over to the class page to learn more about the class and to book your first free session.



Willpower is a finite resource, but YOU can access more!

Have you ever heard of ‘decision fatigue’? It’s what happens when you’ve been worn down through the day, deciding on everything from what to wear and where to sit, through to major business decisions or whether to go to Simon’s birthday on the weekend.

We have the most willpower (mental fortitude) in the mornings. However, by the evening – when a lot of us train – we are weaker and succumb to temptations more easily.

So how do we get past this block? We create habits! Habits are very powerful tools in our training arsenal. A well established habit will override a mild temptation or lapse in willpower.

Three stages of a habit

1. The Cue. Identify or create a trigger that tells you that it’s time to carry out a routine.
It can be an alarm – morning alarm for early sessions, or a calendar reminder for lunch and evening trainers. Or, maybe you’re a visual cue type person. Try keeping your gym bag in sight, so you have a constant reminder of your appointment with the gym.

2. Routine. In the case for training – is the physical behavior that follows the cue.
You leave home or work, get to the gym, and get ready for the session. Structured classes are handy to take away the decisions for what to do. Try limiting the chances to divert from your path to the gym.

3. Reward. The stimulus that we receive as a result of finishing the routine.
Remember the immediate euphoria after a hard session? The Oo-Rah at the end of a Lycan session. The handshakes at the end of jits class. The fist bumps at the end of a striking session. Or a big sweaty hug, showing your respect for some excellent sparring with a teammate. And don’t forget the longer term results from the training! Better fitness, improved shape, upgraded skills, and shaping yourself towards being the best version of you!

Other tips:
Plan ahead – pack your bags the night before so you can remove a barrier to completing your habit the next day.
Be accountable – tell people about your habits and associated goals to create more drive for your actions.
Commit – to at least 3 weeks (21 days) and see the habit flourish
Have fun / share the fun – share your passion for martial arts and fitness with those around you. Whether you’re a self professed ‘team captain’, or able to encourage the person next to you – we’re a team, and teams go further together.

What are your cues, actions and rewards? Comment and share.


Getting the most out of your first month training boxing

Getting the most out of your first month training boxing
3 tips from coach Pradeep Singh when starting your boxing journey

Learn the rules and fouls in boxing.
Can you hold? What is the definition of ‘back of the head’? Can you push someone in a fight? There are a lot of assumptions about what boxing is and how it is scored. For your own development, and the safety of your training partners, you should take a minute to look up the rules. (I prefer YouTube videos)

This will also make viewing boxing fights more interesting, as you’ll know who’s winning and how the referee is adjudicating before half of the room does.

Happy Feet
Footwork is arguably the most important element of boxing. All beginners often think it is punching, but how can you build a house without a foundation? Concentrating on your footwork early will prevent poor habits from forming. You will find your balance improve, and as a result, your punching power will increase. And who doesn’t want more power, right!?

Learn how to punch
This seems very obvious, but quite often beginners try to learn a 20 punch combo, an exotic punch, or something else they found off YouTube – before establishing their jab and cross. Introduction and fundamental classes are essential for learning to punch correctly, which could save your hands from injury and better your defense.

Boxing correctly is not only for boxers with aspirations for fighting. It can be more challenging to punch with good form, and therefore increase the workout.

So whether you’re boxing to get fit, release the pent up energy from your day, or looking to become the next Muhammad Ali – learn the proper form and technique to see your results excel.


Queen’s Birthday Hours

There will be no classes at any Absolute MMA location on Monday, June 12 due to the Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday.

Absolute MMA Melbourne CBD will host an open mat/gym from 11am to 1pm.

Absolute MMA St Kilda will host an open mat from 10am to 12pm.

Absolute MMA Collingwood will host an open mat/gym from 9am to 11am.