Caters for those with no prior experience. Strongly recommended for your first four weeks of training.


Great for beginners but recommended for all levels. Strong focus on developing skills and techniques


Advanced techniques and training. Requires a good grasp of the fundamentals. Blue belt and above for BJJ classes.

Open Mat

No instruction but recommended for all students. Good opportunity for drilling and extra training.

All Levels

Accessible to everyone, from novices to advanced athletes. For MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing and Wrestling, a grasp of the fundamentals is recommended but not required.

Fight Team

Catered to the needs of professional and amateur fighters. You must have been cleared to spar by a coach before participating in these classes.


A purely technical class focused on learning syllabus material for gradings.

Video Analysis

Analysing and learning from the latest elite-level competition videos.

Competition Class

Focused on competition rounds and techniques. All members welcome.

Pro Fighters

For professional fighters and advanced amateurs.

Amateur Fighters

For amateur fighters and those looking to make the move to fighting as an amateur.

White Belts Only

Only for people who hold a white belt in BJJ.